Subject coding

A new subject coding system for Higher Education

Latest News

The management of the HECoS system is being carried forward by HESA under the auspices of the Data Landscape Steering Group.

HECoS can now be found on the HESA web site.

Project Background

The HEDIIP Subject Coding project was established to develop a replacement for the JACS system in order to meet the needs of a broader group of stakeholders and to reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of Higher Education in the twenty-first century.

The first and second stages of the project included an extensive phase of requirements gathering and analysis and a sector-wide consultation on a proposed new system. The project also made recommendations about the on-going management of the new system, approaches to adoption and the development of standard approaches to subject-based analysis.

The new subject coding system has become known as the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS)

Project documents

The library of documents associated with the HEDIIP subject coding project can be found here.