Standard HE Dataset

A standard dataset with common data definitions will make reporting more efficient and make published information more comparable

One of the fundamental problems in the current information landscape is the number of different data definitions used in HE data collections. Much of the work in preparing a data return comes in the translation from internal data structures to the definitions used by data collectors. A standard dataset with associated data standards is one of the key building blocks in the delivery of the New Landscape.

Standard HE Dataset Diagram
Adoption of the standard dataset and field definitions by data collectors will reduce the work of HE Providers in delivering data returns. It will also create an environment in which the sharing and comparability of different datasets is enhanced.

Work to define the standard dataset was taken forward by the HEDIIP Data Language project. This project has now come to an end and has published the final outputs which have been handed over to HESA.

Projects were also undertaken to drive the adoption of the Unique Learner Number in Higher Education and to develop a new subject coding system for the sector.