Improved Data Capability

Data is an asset and should be managed as such!

The New Landscape project acknowledged that the shift in nature of the HE sector is necessitating better intelligence and different and timelier information. Together with the actions that data collectors can take to improve the data and information landscape, it is equally important that where necessary, HE Providers enhance their own internal structures and capabilities. This, alongside the findings of the Student Data Collection Review, was a main driver for the initiation of the Data Capability project.

In July 2014 the HEDIIP Student Data Collection Review found that:

There is wide variation in capability in terms of approaches to security, data management, and technology in use within both data collectors and providers; the larger collectors are more likely to have systematised and automated approaches; PSRBs, particularly in relation to accreditation, can have a less structured approach.”

The Review recommended that the HEDIIP Programme:

Raise data management capability across collectors and providers; achieved through definition and deployment of best practice data management principles, their meaning and implications for behaviour.

The Data Capability project was established to improve the standards of data management and governance in organisations across the landscape. It has developed a comprehensive toolkit to guide data collectors and providers through a process of improving their data management capability. The project has also published an assessment of the sectors data capability in the report Data Capability: A call to action.